Sylvie Weber has told stories from before she understood her own. German-Dominican by birth, she was confronted with questions around identity that have motivated her exploration of humanity, its virtues and weaknesses, on film.
Studying in India opened the door to greater depth in both her film work and her approach to life. Sylvie's focus has been the empowerment of women through film and the elevation of black and brown stories, especially those that highlight and rework historical injustice and inequality.

In line with her passion, she embarked on a journey with Journalists For Human Rights in the DR Congo where she completed her debut award-winning short The Prophetess. She continues to collaborate with local run École Technique du Journalisme in Bukavu to train and mentor aspiring filmmakers to cover and promote their own stories.

Selected Clients/Commissions/Publications

Nike, Lufthansa,  i-D, NOWNESS, DAZED, XL Records,
Fader, Crack Magazine, DJ Kicks, SPEX,  VOGUE, INDIE, VICE, iGNANT,
Brownbook, Spike Art Quarterly, Ginza Magazine Japan...

i-D Class of 2018
The Fader
Rolling Stone
Ginza Magazine Japan


Athens Shortfilm Festival – Best Documentary Short for “The Prophetess”